Demanding, and Ignoring, No Sim-Subs

On Tuesday, I wrote about what I thought of magazines keeping a "no simultaneous submissions" rule even when responses times are greater than six months.  Magazines are VERY hectic places, no one is saying they aren't.  And, I understand some authors DON'T tell places immediately when their submissions are accepted and it creates problems.  Still, prompt authors shouldn't suffer because of forgetful ones.  

For Editors:

1.  Respond in a timely manner (nothing beyond three months).
2.  Use a system that acknowledges submissions so authors know their submissions are safe.
3.  When authors withdraw work, have a form response on your system sent to them and don't respond personally unless it is on a happier note than your form.
4.  If a piece is going to be kept for review longer, LET AUTHORS KNOW
5.  Be professional!  Just because you are an editor, doesn't mean you have a pass on proper etiquette.

For Authors:

1.  Always give submissions time and a half in responding (or at least extra time).
2.  Withdraw your stuff IMMEDIATELY if taken
3.  If you feel you have to sim-sub, be as polite as possible when withdrawing
4.  Use places that accept sim-subs in case you have to pull your submission out for one that doesn't accept them.
5.  Understand by not following guidelines, you can hurt your chances of seeing your work there
6.  Stagger submissions so the quicker places see your work first and you can kind of balance
I am luckier than some as I have enough work out there to not have to use simultaneous submissions.  Heck, I can barely keep track of one story or set of poems going to just ONE place.  
Is there anything you'd like to add on this subject?  Is there something you don't agree with?  Leave me comments!


  1. Hey Jennifer! I've been away from the blogoshpere for a week or so, just now catching up. It does seem crazy that mags only allow exclusives. And did I see you got another piece accepted? If so, that's fab! I just finished a new story and it's way too soon to start subbing, but hopefull in a few months I'll be biting the query bullet again. Have a great weekend!

    1. Welcome back to the Blogging! Thank you for the well-wishes on my acceptance. Yes, I got another one. It only took me about... well twenty something beforehand.

      Yes, there are some places that won't allow you to submit something you have into them into anyone else until they decide. This, of course, is without a book contract or promise to be prompt or anything.

    2. Twenty or so rejections, I mean. I don't mean acceptances in that amount, it would be AWESOME but, not how it works.

  2. I tend to avoid places that expect exclusive subs. It just isn't fair to the writer.

    1. I do it upon RARE occasions. I figure, since I don't sim-sub anyway, it doesn't hurt. But, then again, it makes them think it is OK to ignore the best thing for the writer completely...