Specific Goals

Goals are very much a part of my thinking as a writer this year.  Years past, I had some vague sense of what I wanted to accomplish but not anything concrete.  It was like setting out on a boat to "sail awhile" without having anything in mind.  This year, is different.


1.  Receive 40 rejections by year's end.  (I have 24 to go.)
2.  Be accepted into a "high tier" literary magazine.  (AGNI, Poetry, Five Points, etc.)
3.  Receive another paycheck.  (I want to see if I can do it again.)
4.  Place in a contest, even if it is just a mention.
5.  Publish another fiction piece

I know you are probably wondering why I don't have any "craft-related" goals this year.  I am not as cowardly about writing (except maybe my fiction) as I am with taking submission-type risks.  So, unless next year is going to be the year for my first novel (no breath holding, please) then I probably won't need a writing goal.
Plus, I tend to do the Poem-a-Day Challenge at least once, if not twice, a year so it forces me to churn out new work, whether I feel like it or not. 
Then again, one never knows...

I  also have goals that go well beyond this year but they could be subject to change. ** I am hoping to achieve a 4/5 ratio with these yearly goals.**

What are your goals this year?   How specific do you get?  What is one goal you are afraid to give yourself?

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  1. Oh Jennifer you just gave me a brill idea! Instead of making my goal acceptance from an agent, I shall make my goal to receive 1k rejections... that way if I ever do get accepted, the disappointment of not reaching my goal will actually be joy! LOL!

    1. Can I just say, it's so inspiring that you made a goal out of rejections. It shows you're determined and persistent. I wish I had the courage to produce and submit work on a regular basis. Good luck!!! My goal would be to have greater efficiency with my writing. Sometimes I get so lost with one project that I don't start with a new one.

  2. I am not feeling AS bad when I get a rejection now. However, it still gets me when there was one I was really hoping for.

    I am down to 22 rejections now. I just got back two I was really hoping for. Oh well, it is the writing life!

    I just wish I thought the reason they rejected me was because they couldn't understand my brilliance. Instead, I am left thinking they know I am not good enough. The truth, logically, has to be somewhere in the middle but still..

  3. My goal is to finish two books. I think your goal list sounds pretty do-able. Good luck!