Random Facts About Me

I don't know how to write a personal post well on this blog. I have had other blogs where I manage it but it seems to not mesh with the space I have created here. I dont know why...

So, in keeping with promises, I am going to post random things about me and you guys can ask your own stuff at any time.
1. I have a mother, not a father because he didn't want to be a parent (though he told mom over and over he wanted ten or so children). And my mother is incredible.
2. I am the youngest of three children, having two older brothers who I get along with.
3. I love animals, especially cats and dogs and turtles, but have no current pets.
4. There are six people in the world I trust with everything and only one of them is not biologically family (or married) to me. Outside of those six people, I have no other family due to death or their own actions.
5. I am a geek and that means video games, Magic the Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons.
6. I love a good sword, have a few.
7. I can't throw accurately to save my life. Even asking to throw you a soda or a ball ends up in sad misadventure.
8. I am deadly accurate with a bow.
9. I take medication daily and don't remember a single day in my life without pain.
10. My husband and I met online.
11. I am literally a genius, though that has yet to come in handy.
12. My favorite place to be is a library, though cemeteries are nice because of how peaceful they are.
13. I have Cerebral Palsy so I have been in a wheelchair all my life.

OK, this can't go on. Your turn to ask me things.


  1. I love how you can't throw, but your deadly accurate with a bow.

    My children are without a father, too. His choice, but they are still happy. A mothers love is an amazing thing.

    It's nice to get to know more about you.

    1. I don't know what my brothers and I would have done without our mom. She gave us so much, she still does. I just saw her today, even.

  2. These are some pretty interesting facts. I'm curious if you have any other hobbies (besides archery and D&D.)

    1. I also sing, chat online, listen to a LOT of music, watch movies, read, make beaded jewelry, have a huge love of paranormal things (sans aliens)...

      The jewelry I make I have been at as long, if not longer, than my writing.
      I used to go camping (with tents) and I loved it but it is so difficult to do that with a wheelchair.
      And the paranormal thing is hard to get into when most everyone thinks nothing out of the ordinary even exists...

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! This is very cool. I also find it awesome that you can't throw but you're good with a bow :)

    1. I really can't figure that one out, but it's true. You would think my aim would be fine if I can aim a bow... Sounds like a weird fiction character. lol

  4. Thanks for sharing! It is very nice to get to know more about you. You are amazing! And very sweet!

    1. Thanks, I don't really think I'm amazing to be honest. I'm quite dull. *chuckles

  5. Wow! So great to learn more about you. I love a sword too... anything having to do with them. I love libraries and cemetaries too, mainly because they're quite, but so full of stories.
    BTW I loved your comment on my blog the other day!:)

    1. Swords are something my brothers got me into. We used to do initiations into this whole "knight" society. I was their archer/witch... long story as I am not Wiccan.

      I received my first sword at the age of sixteen as a gift from my older brother as a rite of passage.

  6. Any other questions you have you may voice at any time on my blog and I will answer you with honesty. I have nothing to hide and can be nothing besides myself.

  7. Hey, I think you pretty well covered the most important things about you. Thanks for all these answers.