Blog Changes and Work List

This post is going to be an unfair "list" one. I am sorry about the structure but life is so busy. I won't even be blogging normally for awhile so please bear with me!
Since My Computer Went Out I Have...

1. Kept up with everyone's blogs though I couldn't comment
2. Posted on my blog for awhile until sometime in November
3. Wrote 35 poems or so for November
4. Started a new "bits and pieces" notebook
5. Collected a handful of other poems and story ideas
6. Revised November's entire body of work three or four times
7. Compiled a list of prompts and blog posts that will see me through months
8. Began a "goals" list for my 2012 writing year
Since I Received My New Computer I Have...

1. Transferred my "bits and pieces" notebook
2. Transferred all November works
3. Revised November works once more
4. Compiled images for most of the blog ideas I had
5. Retrieved every old work out of Email
6. Compiled another Submission Log from Email responses
7. Retrieved finished copies out of Emails so they're ready to submit
8. Restructured my "Promising Works" list
9. Followed-up on my last "out" submission
10. Transferred all blog and prompt ideas to my PC
11. Prepared more poems for putting on the blog
12. Updated "Poetry Place" and "Published Works"
13. Joined a writing group
Changes to Blog (Mostly All Definite)

1. No more Saturday Questions
2. When posting becomes normal it will now be on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday with Sunday being Prompt Day.
3. More images will be used on regular posts (not prompts)
4. Some prompts will now be "try this" which SHOULD be slightly different
5. More personal postings in some form
6. Possibly audio files of my poetry **Not sure


  1. good for you joining a writer group! that's wonderful! They are so so helpful!!

  2. Yay for joining a writer's group! And my have you been busy, busy, busy! :)

  3. Wow you have been busy. I love that you are really cruising along with your poetry. There aren't enough wonderful poets in the world, and it is in danger of becoming extinct. I for one love to support poetry.

  4. Wow, you have been busy! And I know how difficult it has been. Congratulations on getting back into the blogosphere! Take care!

    1. I should really use the "reply" button more often. LOL

      Yes, it's been quite a trial getting back here. I feel like I am running uphill on an expressway in high traffic just figuring everything out again.

  5. PK and Kelley: Thank you for the encouragement on the writers' group! This one seems to have very friendly people and I'm liking it already.

    Michael: Poetry is my favorite thing to write so I write it more than anything else. Poetry doesn't get enough focus when everyone talks about "legitimate writing" and, I am almost sure, is even below tabloid sensationalism in some people's minds.
    It isn't about money for me, which is good, since no one really DOES pay poets big. lol

  6. It is just so good to have you back. It looks like you've been busy with your new schedules and ideas.