Random, Mixed Things for Today

First, I am at the library but blogger will NOT let me comment without logging in for each process because I am not VALID on my google ID. **Sighs. I am loving technology more and more these days.

I miss you guys like crazy. Kelley is doing NaNo at Between the Bookends this month so, GO KELLEY GO!!! **Takes off PomPoms (Same to the rest of you if you're up to that this time around.)

Alyson from Paranormal Pursuits signed on with a publisher! I am overjoyed for you, hun!

I am reading blogs still, I swear. It is driving me crazy not having my own PC. I wish a rich Santa would bring me one for Christmas but I heard he, too, has had to downsize his company this year... smaller elves.
I am doing another crazy Poem-A-Day challenge and it is interesting without a computer. You should see all of the crossing out I do as I write; it is a nasty minefield of ink. Maybe I should try pencil...
Oh, and I have more poems published now if you guys want to take a look between NaNo and turkey and blogging.

It is the direct link but take a look over there if you like horror. It is pretty good!


  1. Awwww, thanks Jennifer! I need all the pom poms I can get :)

    I'm so sorry your computerless :(

    And nice poems!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! I remember trying to write stuff without a computer-it's quite difficult! I'm going to head over and check out your poems now! :)