Fascination of Anniversaries

The song, "Dust in the Wind" plays softly as I begin this. My thoughts, you see, are on time itself and the units contained therein so it's a fitting, unintentional soundtrack.

Everyone I follow blogs about their blog anniversary. I also did this earlier this year. Yes, we've made it! This, without question, is excellent.
In a way, this celebration says a lot about how we view things.

Why are we all obsessed with a year as a milestone? Are thirty or so days not enough? Is a decade too long? Are the dang-blasted holidays to blame?

The answer matters, especially to artists. Before you accuse me of making no sense, consider: We party only when society pours the punch. We forget EVERY day we learn or accomplish something is a good day. We praise a novel finished (as we should) yet forget to dance each time a page/chapter is finished.

Admire the building's construction as it progresses and your bricklayer will show up more often. Even small blows can topple a giant. Be joyful whenever you can.

Happy 17-month blog anniversary to me! **chuckles

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