Things Learned Without a Computer

Not having a computer has been more difficult than I once imagined it would be. While many people who do without one are fine, I never really planned for this.
Well, I'm here now. And I am realizing many things.

1. Electronic submissions are nearly impossible using an allotted hour on a library computer.

2. Blogging feels more lonely with no back-and-forth.

3. Always back up your Submission Log on paper! I didn't.

4. Flash drives are your friends.

5. Even short fiction is agonizing long-hand when disability forces slow writing.

6. Questioning your passion for writing (and your place in it) becomes consuming when you don't write as much.
I toyed with doing NaNo next month since I never have. I suppose it was decided for me.

A replacement isn't possible until sometime this spring. I am having so many doubts about my ability nowadays. **sighs

Type some words for me!



  1. Ayep. A computer in the home makes life much easier. In Utah, people in the V.R. program who have disabilities can qualify for a free loaner computer. Is there a similar program where you live?

  2. Sorry to hear about your PC. I would just die. I couldn't function without it.