Wrap in Rhyme (Prompt)

Take a form OTHER than poetry and add a rhyme scheme to it somewhere. It doesn't have to rhyme ever other line but there should be a consistency throughout.

Afterward, think about what it does or doesn't do for your piece. Is it now totally inappropriate or did using rhyme somehow help you keep the tone of the work? Does rhyme automatically turn a piece into a poem?

Show me those rhyming essays, flash fictions, memoirs, etc!

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  1. Lol -- so as writers, we should say 'thank you' when someone says we are liars --- hehehe. Just checking in. We have internet again and I have a laptop that works now -- grin.

    You made me think of the old Dallas TV show too -- the people who owned the home filmed in the opening scene had such a nightmare that they ended up selling after about 2 years of it. I admit I searched out the building Stephen King based Salems Lot on, and I have been to the big hotel in Colorado he based The Shining on. I hear Forks, Washington has had quite the tourist influx over the past few years --- it is natural to want to see what you read. When you connect to some character - it is fun to imagine that you are walking the same path as where the writer found inspiration.
    Fun post --Hugs (this is Howlynn -- it won't let me post on the google account for some reason)