Older Pieces, More Changes, Reminder

Hi Everyone,

As you know, the Brag Board Post is scheduled for Sunday but I have YET to receive anything from you guys. Didn't you do anything you're proud of this week? Don't be the only one to know! **Due by Saturday at noon**

When you have the new, you get rid of the old so the "Announcements" tab is meeting its demise today. There were never enough new posts to keep it fresh.

Also, I will be on vacation starting from Wednesday, August 31st to Monday, September 12th. Husband and I are spending a holiday at my momma's house.

Well, that should do it!
Piece One:

I stretched myself across the altar, a sacrifice of my modesty; my pale flesh residing tightly against your pain. Ripples of cold shock through my system; I smelled the blood and fear of those put to rest upon where I laid. Gleaming, the steel blade smiled against the relative dark easily; even the reminders of the light were grotesque… darkest contrasts. Above me, you stood, silhouette and fallen angel, master to the instrument of my demise. My green eyes ran over you, trying to find a faltering, a hesitation, a twitch of consideration.

I rested my head back against the stone, the room spun, the shadow split off into a million contorted demons. My lips quivered as I saw your form tighten, blade moving with anticipatory vibration. I forced my eyes to stay open, to stay upon you, to stay dry. With a downward thrust, you cut into me, so deep my lungs filled with flame as I cried out, strangled and wet against my own blood. It pooled out of me, around me, as I entered into a crimson world.

You leaned closer, the dim light still not betraying your face and you put your lips upon mine, sealing what could never be undone. You lingered there, my body writhing in quiet torture, your face close enough to feel the heat of your skin. "I love you," I heard you whisper hoarsely, "I always have." I heard my last breath gurgle out of me in a ghostly echo as you closed my eyes.
Piece Two:

The moths pulse their wings to flight around the incandescent bulb in my living room, giving off the effect of a poor man's strobe. Their shadows block the dim gleam of the paneled walls and bounce to the floor, like incorporeal beings born of shade. My eyes dart up to meet their aerial trickery, but are drawn back to the shadows they birth.

I hear their bodies thump against the object of their desire, the brightness which calls to them; a foreign sun on the alien landscape of my home. They circle it tirelessly, looping around each other, swooping down and back again; a ritual dance never fully completed to a radiant God. They seek no more, for they have found. My attention is diverted for an eyelash length of time. They disappear away from the light...shadows, bodies, wings.
Their forms play upon the strings of my mind.

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