Twitter-Size Poem and Other Random Things

I have no real direction for today's post. It isn't like me, I know. Things beyond my control have me busy so, you get randomness.
I wrote a poem, trying to keep it Twitter-size. I don't know if it works but judge for yourselves.

I plunge burning spears into
Hovering kites

Watch them flutter and

Gutter to concrete

Leaving a lonely sky

*I should redo the lines. I didn't double-space but they may come out that way.
What is your "go-to" writing magazine if you have one? I subscribe to two but am thinking about a third. It just seems like a lot of money when there isn't much to go around.
************ is an excellent place for poets to gain inspiration and encouragement. Check your ego at the door; they try to make it a positive experience for everyone.
What is the shortest story you've ever written? There is an E-zine out there that takes stories of 430 characters (I think) or less. I haven't ever tried to do one that small. Maybe I will.
Well, that should about do it for my fragmented mess. I hope to be more together Friday...


  1. I like the poem, I'm a big fan of Twitter poetry, it fun to see those little jewels pop up in my feed. I don't think i've ever written a short story-I have a hard time being brief. lol.

  2. I think it works and seems the right size. Are you on Twitter? Follow me so I can follow you:

  3. I'm like Alyson. I have a hard time being brief. The shortest I've written is 1,500 words for a 1,500 word or less competition. Gotta use every last one :)

  4. Donna, I'm not on Twitter. I can't bring myself to do the whole "social site as author" thing. My blog is the closest I shall get.

    I love words so it is hard for me to cut down on usage, too.