Saturday Questions (July 23rd)

1. What is one unconventional way you beat the heat?

2. Do you remember where you were when the Berlin Wall fell?

3. Who (in the celebrity world) do you think you look like?


  1. 1. An unconventional way? Sometimes I stick my head in the freezer...

    2. I was three when it fell, so I would assume I was making friends with people in the mall or something. My mom was always afraid I'd just join the nearest stranger. :)

    3. I've been told I sort of look like Mandy Moore... I don't see it, but whatevs ;)

  2. 1. I'm afraid I don't have any unconventional ways to beat the heat; I rely solely on a fan.
    2. I was not yet born when the Berlin Wall fell.
    3. I was once told that I look like someone from a TV show, but the person telling me didn't remember the name of the show or of the guy. Otherwise, I don't think I look like any celebrity.

  3. 1. We wet our shirts and then put them back on. It chills you down fast! (Only when we're inside as the cloth sticks.)

    2. I was very little when it happened so I am guessing at home.

    3. No one, I don't think. I don't believe they put people on me like television unless it is an unpleasant documentary. LOL

  4. 1. I swam in a fountain once. I was at a conference in 90 plus heat and there was no air conditioning and no pool so it was pretty much the only option.
    2.I was too young to remember.
    3.I think I look a little like Lauren Graham.

  5. Sorry. I love the heat. Bring it on.

    I was in Ohio, at home.

    I've been told Liza Minnelli, although one guy told me I look like a Playboy Bunnie he once met.