Five Questions with Poet A (a poetry finalist)

1. Why do you love horror/science fiction?

I love horror/science fiction because I enjoy the thrill that horror books have to offer. I like the feel of an adrenalin rush when something creepy/horrific is happening. I enjoy science fiction because it is an imaginary place to which I can escape for a few hours to get away from reality.

2. What writers do you admire the most?

The writers I admire the most are Stephen King, Jodi Picoult, Nora Roberts, Patrick Rothfuss, Dean Koontz, and Carl Hiaasen.

3. What do you think is the most important thing for a writer?

I think the most important thing for a writer is that they have creativity, a sense of humor, and correct grammar.

4. When did you know you were a writer and what is your favorite type of writing?
(Short story, poem, etc.)

I knew I was writer when my best friend convinced me to start writing for fun. I tried a couple short stories and really enjoyed writing.

5. Do you find it difficult to separate who you are from what you write? How do you accomplish it?

I do find it difficult to separate myself from my writing. I separate myself from my writing by going back and editing out parts of my writing that sound too much like myself.

Do you have any questions for "Poet A" pertaining to writing? Ask in the comments!

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  1. Hi, sorry I wasn't sure where to cast my vote or which e-mail address to go to. I enjoyed the last one the most! Good luck to all of these wonderful poets.