Trash or Treasure (Prompt)

**Deadlines for the contest, guest posts, and give-away have been extended to July 3rd. I cannot go beyond that point.
A woman is going to sell her expensive-looking engagement ring only to find it is worth less than $20. Another woman finds a few of her husband's old baseball cards while cleaning the house she has to sell due to lack of funds and finds out she doesn't have to sell it after all.

Who is to say what is trash and what is treasure by looking?
Write a flash fiction piece (under 1,000 words) or a poem (under 50 lines) about something being trash, treasure, or something in between.


  1. Another good idea. Guy de Maupassant wrote a short story about 'The Necklace'. One can never tell just by looking.

  2. Great prompt! i find treasures in thrift stores all the time! It's in the eye of the beholder for sure!

  3. I try to keep prompts fresh. Sometimes I wonder, though.