Reasons Being a Writer is Like Being Psychic

1. Difficulty Making a Living
Many psychics and writers never find their gifts used for more than their own purposes but, if they are good (and lucky), they can find full-time jobs in their fields.

2. Other People's Reactions
When you tell someone you're a writer or a psychic he/she believes you're trying to get attention, are crazy, or going through some phase.

3. Periods of Self-doubt
Writers and psychics both have periods where they wonder if they were kidding themselves. Some will pack up and head home to whatever life awaits them otherwise. But many won't.

4. Emotions You Can't Explain
Whether a vision gets disturbing or a rejection knocks you for a loop, it isn't necessarily something other people around you will understand. Unless, of course, they know you very well or are a writer/psychic themselves and even then it isn't a guarantee.

5. People Ask About Themselves
Have you written about them or seen them in a vision? They want to know about it!

6. Finding Like-Minded People is Necessary
A good support system for anyone is an absolute but people who believe in what you do can make or break a writer's/psychic's confidence and desire to pursue their interests.

7. Studying People
By being able to read people's nonverbal cues, you are able to better understand people. It can better enhance a story or make for a better hot/cold reading for a psychic should he/she be stuck.

***I hope this was at least mildly entertaining for some of you! I know some of these things are more than just writer/psychic related but still...***