My Bookstore Story

Since some of you want to know what happens at my town's bookstore, I am going to give it to you in brief. Sorry if this reads disjointed, I don't want to bore with long paragraphs.
Three visits made my best friend (S, we'll call her) and I made us vow never to go into the bookstore again.

Visit 1: S and I went to the store alone. I have trouble opening doors because of the wheelchair and it is impossible for S. Just getting us in the door is an obstacle. All the lady did was watch us struggle and smile, staying where she was seated. When I asked for help and motioned toward her, she looked away until I stopped asking, then continued to watch as we got inside.

She was then very rude when she needed to get around us, not asking and not saying please. She actually never says much to us civilly.

S was going to buy some stuffed animals from there and wanted a particular one. The one we found had a hole in it. So, I asked the sales clerk (the "lady") if they had more owls. She lead me to some that weren't the kind S wanted. Here, on the shelf right near the woman, was the exact owl S wanted. I retrieved said owl for S while the clerk disappeared toward the back of the store until we were done shopping.

She did not open the door for us to leave.
Visit 2: Husband was with S and I when we went in so the door wasn't a problem. S wanted an official coin from the Superbowl victory, she's a sports nut. The woman took it down for her and said, "It is $100, are you sure you want this?" She made it seem like S didn't know the value of it. S said yes and she would pay by check.

S has difficulty with her hands due to disability so she needs someone to help her write out her check. It is no difficulty virtually anywhere else. When S told the clerk she needed help, the clerk just stood there impatiently and rolled her eyes. (Yes, this is THE same clerk but before you say it is just her, read the last visit.) So I told S I would help. I couldn't find the newest check and said as much so the sales clerk RIPPED the checkbook from my hands, flipped to it, and THRUST it back at me. I then told her I didn't know how to fill out a check just to see what she would do. She said, "Oh jeez!" and scoffed.

We were gone soon after.
Visit 3: S and I are convinced it is only the one sales clerk so, when we see another woman working there, we jump at the chance to go.

The second the woman sees us at the door, she rolls her eyes dramatically in front of the window, not caring who sees. S and I both saw.

When we got in, she said, "I have a big magazine shipment due, Thursday isn't a good day for... you girls." There was an emphasis on the last two words that made my skin crawl. I honestly believe she was insinuating something else and so did S because we made a hasty retreat within minutes of getting in.

She was very impatient and kept watching us. We were the ONLY people in the store, which is pretty much the way it was each time we visited. I have since learned we had a whole half hour before the delivery was set to arrive.
This lady was all too happy to open the door to let us out.

Yes, I understand it could be just people having bad days. But, it was a few little things before these instances and then the instances themselves...

What do you guys think? Are they all just having MANY bad days?


  1. I think that there's no reason for them to treat you like that. If it were me I would probably write an e-mail or letter to the management about it, but that's just me.

  2. I would remind them that there is a law against mistreating people because of disability, if that is why you think that they are mistreating you. It unfortunately sounds like the case to me. I'm sorry you and your friend went through those terrible incidents.

  3. It is our word against theirs, unfortunately. Though, I have wondered if this happens to other people. S and I aren't the ONLY people in wheelchairs in this town but we are about the only ones our age...

  4. You are more patient than I am. There is no place for rudeness. I would have ripped her a good one. (Uh oh. Now you see my alter ego). Honestly, I am quick to flare at thoughtless people.