Numbers from PAD

For those who completed the PAD, yesterday was the last day to turn in your poems. Since it is officially "over" I figured today is the best day to give my thoughts and statistics from the challenge.


This year was one of the best years. I read more than one poem that made me cry and quite a few made me laugh. I tend not to participate in the blog comments but I read them often. I know I shouldn't lurk but it is more comfortable for me.
It was also the most productive year I have had with this.


After a thirty days, I had no less than 46 poems. I think it is a record for me and every single one was inspired by the prompts provided. Granted, they had quite a range in quality but they were all fun to write. I managed to revise 40 of them by the third of this month but I doubt I am going to revise the other six as I am pretty drained.


I worried near the beginning of the challenge I wouldn't have any solid pieces. Well, as of right now, there are almost 30 I deem solid enough to submit. I am shocked by that number but I have asked my beta readers and they concur. Some of my PAD poems are even going to end up on here, just for you guys.

What now?

I am going to take a vacation to a mental beach and write only when inspired. Don't worry, I'm still going to blog!



  1. I missed the PAD this year, due to other projects, but I have always found it stimulating and some of my best work has come from the challenges.

  2. The one year I missed it, I picked a different month and did it alone. It still helped me quite a bit.

    Did you get the other projects done?