Found Poem

Found poems are poems constructed from already-existing words and phrases like headlines or movie titles. You can also try to take snippets of conversation you hear at a coffee house and string them together but, no cheating. These can be very fun!
Power of Love (1980s Chart-toppers)

Got My Mind Set on You
You Make My Dreams
Even the Nights Are Better

A Woman Needs Love
Endless Love
If Ever You're in My Arms Again
Hold Me
Let's Go Crazy
Dancing in the Dark

I Can't Fight This Feeling
Never Gonna Give you Up
Together Forever
Two Hearts
I Love You

Forever Your Girl


  1. So lovely. It is a very sweet poem. I'll have to try this idea.

  2. Aw! I love it! AT first I was reading it without realizing they were song titles, then it hit me. Super cool!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I love 80s music (you may have noticed lol) so that is how I chose what to use.