Not Quite Average

As writers go, I am not quite up to average level. No one has told me I am below average but it is what I feel. I see stories and poems by others and know I can never pen anything that deep, compelling, provoking, etc.

Everyone who writes for public consumption must face critics. Some people are (hopefully) going to connect with your work while others won’t. I haven’t heard of a book that has received nothing but praise in both private and public citizens.
My critics have been more kind than cruel to me. Even negative feedback has a purpose if done right. Though, I have been told I couldn’t publish a classified ad I wrote if I paid triple the going rate. (Ouch!)

So, is my thought about my mediocrity right?

Well, I think it is. Perception of self is important for anyone but it is excessively vital for artists. Some days, the only reason I keep writing is I can’t stop myself.

I keep this blog to document my trials and maybe inspire someone who CAN do this better than me to begin. It also makes me accountable to myself while I pen publicly.
Maybe one day I will stop submitting, shut down my blog, and just write in the shadows of ink and promise. But not today.


  1. I don't think we should believe the negative feedback and give up, but instead, use it to make is better. We'll never please everyone, but if we write from our heart and work hard, someone is bound to like it. Just know way to tell unless we try.
    Ya know, I worked with a lady who interviewed for a higher position in the company probably thirty times. Each time she was told something different about why she wasn't right for the position. I would've quit interviewing after two or three times, but not this lady. SHe never gave up, and one day she got the job. Thirty interviews and rejections later, she did it. And I always think of her when I feel like giving up. To this day, she has maintained that position and is happier than ever.

  2. I agree with PK. And I think we all have our individual styles. I have to face this every time I submit an entry and don't win or even get acknowledged. This is my enemy - I'm not as good as everyone else, but I'm working on this. And Jennifer, your works are unique. I'm always amazed at the intensity of your writing.

  3. PK: I probably would have given up, too! But, then again, if she feels as passionate about her job as I do about my writing then maybe not.
    How can we believe the positive feedback but not the negative? Or do we just throw out any praise or criticism too far on one side?
    When your first book comes out, PK, I want an ARC!

    DM: Thank you for the kind words, as always. You are kind of like a literary fairy godmother; saying such encouraging things and commenting all the time.
    Your work shows hope and love I can't even try to convey most days. It is your strength.

  4. I have to disagree with you here, I think your writing is above average. I understand the not feeling adequate thing though, I think that's something that everyone struggle with sometimes.if it makes you feel any better, your blog prompts got me writing poetry again after several years of not doing it (when I was younger I wrote poetry almost every day). I tried to do the office prompt but it didn't quite work out. But at least I'm writing poems again (not that I'm that great at it, but it is fun and good for the soul.) So your blog helped me out there. :)

  5. Alyson: It means so much to me to know I am a factor in you finding your way back to poetry. Thank you very much.
    Maybe, when you feel brave enough, you can share some! I am always up for people to talk shop.

    Outside of DM, I didn't know many people even attempted my prompts often.