Money and Poetry

How many of you have heard of rich poets? I am not talking about in spirit or love, either. I don't know of a lot. There seem to be more fiction writers making it big than writers of poetry which is one reason my mother wants me to focus more on writing stories than poems.

People who dismiss those considering the financial aspect as not being true artists are not being fair. They will condemn those who are worried about paying bills and turn around and complain about not having a job they love. Writing is a full-time job and most of us don't get paid. Writing is a full-time job we love.

So, why stick to something that may never pay off? Serious writers already know the answer. You write because you can't NOT write which includes those of us compelled toward certain types. It may never be anything that gets you famous. But it is what you long to do. All you can do is to do the best you can, even without a weekly paycheck.


  1. So so true. Starving artist applies to a large group of people. We write, craft, paint because it's who we are. And for those lucky few of us who get to do it for a living, kudos!

    But I certainly don't know any.

  2. I have heard of these mythical figures and I hope you're one someday, PK!

    I have tried quitting writing and I can't...

  3. This is so true. I've never understood why our society puts no value on poetry. Even fiction writers can learn a lot about pacing and word choice from writing poems. I don't really see it changing anytime soon though.

  4. My friend once said (as I worried about not getting poetry or books published)'consider this. That anyone meant to read your work will, even if it is not out to the world.' This has given me much comfort. And like you, Jennifer, I cannot stop writing.

  5. btw, your latest poems are great. I love reading your work.

  6. Alyson: You're right about what poetry can teach about fiction. Though, I am not sure anything can save my stories. lol

    DM: Your friend's thought is a very nice one, indeed! Thank you for the compliment.