Twitterpated Fraud!

I have never tried Twitter. I barely find myself interesting enough to keep this blog, much less something requiring almost daily contact.

I could list you many reasons as to why I will never Tweet. It is easy to say I don't want to lose myself among the tangled webs of social networking. It is possible my technological limitations keep me from starting an account. On and on it goes...
But do you want to know the real reason?

I'm a fraud!

I haven't written a certain number of books or gotten at least a Bachelor's Degree in English. I am not nearly as good as many of you. There is no prestigious award under my belt. And, though I am a writer, it almost feels like I am anything but a legitimate one. Does anyone else feel this way? What steps have you taken to establish your online presence? Does not having a published book make you feel inadequate?

Many days my neighbor's cat seems to have a better literary eye than I do. (Laugh all you want, the black and white feline has some kind of secret!)

I don't feel like a fraud all the time, but often enough!


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  1. I don't feel like a fraud but I do feel fat. I need to lose weight.

  2. I was afraid of Twitter for a long time but then I just took the dive and realized it's not really that bad after all. It's even kind of fun. I still haven't figured out all the weird Twitter slang though. And I haven't published anything but I'm ok with that. For now, anyways.

  3. I don't Twitter because I'm on so many social websites and blog following already. Many of my relatives are on Facebook, so I am too. I am with you on this subject. So many of us feel self conscious about so many things. And I'm always online for one site or another.

  4. Sometimes, I wish I could just gain part of the ego I had as a teenager. I thought I was blessed to be rid of it but I am not sure now. lol

    Thank you guys for posting your thoughts, it means a lot to me!