The Sonnet (Prompt)

All right, this is going to be a painful one. Today, no matter what genre appeals to you, I want you to pen a sonnet. If you're thinking Shakespeare's poetry on this, you're right. But don't worry, it isn't restricted to subject matter and I won't have you suffer alone as I wrote one, too.
OK here are the rules for a sonnet:

14 line poem
3 quatrains (four line stanzas) followed by a couplet (two line stanza)
The first and third line of each quatrain must rhyme
The second and last line of each quatrain must rhyme
The couplet lines rhyme with each other
Each line WILL have 10 Syllables

Good Luck!

Plea to a Love Sorcerer

This enchantment can never be dispelled
Day or night affects not the force that drives
Invisible needs dance and I'm compelled
Your love charms, dark captor, tear through young lives

I saw you conjure black sparks and white heat
Fingers crackle lightning with soft touches
Begging and pleading with my useless feet
A single smile drew me toward your clutches

Want flutters my heart and bangs my ribcage
While you sit and chortle in sheer delight
Love can bind a fool, regardless of age
Thoughts of you will keep me awake tonight

I wait for your affection patiently
I just can't leave until you set me free

Just warning you, I am not very good with syllable count so have mercy on me if it doesn't come out right. I tried to follow everything to the letter even though I hate sonnets. Sometimes, you have to write things you're not comfortable with in order to appreciate your writing in new ways.


  1. Wow. I can't write a sonnet after I saw your great one! Haha, there is no way I can make something like that. Amazing job :)

  2. LOL Thank you. I don't like it but it is hard for me to like my own work sometimes.