Age of Publication

I was reading an article in one of my favorite writer magazines about debut poets. Now, I love this magazine but... ouch. First, every single poet has a Master's Degree; the thought that publishing a collection is reserved for those who have the ability to attend college for six years is disheartening at the least. The second part of my point (and blog subject) is the median decade of the poets... thirty-something.

We live in a society where youth is prized and aging is to be feared or fought like going to war with an invincible monster. The younger we are when we accomplish something, the better media outlets make it seem with few exceptions. There are people at sixty who have yet to see their books in print and most authors I know quake just at the thought of being beyond age fifty with a Work in Progress and no other published pieces.

But does the age we accomplish things matter? The answer is an even split for people I have asked. Half of the people I have talked to say it doesn't matter when your dreams materialize, it is simply enough that they do; the other half say they want enough time to enjoy the successes and the reassurance of their talents. What do you guys think?

I believe we are never too old to have our dreams become reality but would honestly like to be thrown a cosmic bone or two to keep me going if I am to wait for the big "pay-off" that long. I can't say some of those stories don't have me wishing just a little more but those successes aren't mine. I am living my success story, I'm just more towards the beginning of the tale.

No matter where you are in yours keep going. It's going to be one hell of a page-turner.

-Jennifer Jackson

P.S. I am wondering if I should post more of my work on here. Do you guys think I post enough poems/stories?


  1. I completely agree with you. Age does not matter because most of our writing dreams do out have the constraint of time. Also, I think practicing a craft only makes the end product better so there may even be an advantage to working at it for so many years. I do love your poetry! Post whatever makes you feel comfortable. We enjoy all of it :)

  2. I'm with you on breaking these norms - if that is indeed what they are! You comment about being more toward the beginning of your story is very much how I feel. (I'm in mid-forties and just really getting started.)

    Yes! Post more of your work here!!!

  3. Thanks to you both, I love your writings as well.

    Hey, at least we're not trying to get into a modeling career, then each day we age is a day they won't permit! lol

    **Here's to getting old, getting better, and still going after what we want.**