Great Glittering Greeting Cards, Batman!

This weekend is going to be a blur of stamping, writing, licking, and mailing. Why? Well, this is the first week of December and, on this week, my holiday cards are sent out. I expect my left wrist to be killing me by Sunday evening.

You see, I tend to write too much--who would have thought-- on the cards. Yes, that little message in nonthreatening red text is sweet, but it doesn't quite convey everything; I can't say it with Hallmark as no one I know can afford six dollar cards for every person on their list. I get cramps in my hand but I think it is worth it. But, for those of you that think it isn't, try my ideas.
1. Say it like a Stalker
That's right, folks! You too can cut out text from magazines and piece it together like an alphabet jigsaw! It's fun, it's exciting, it's arts and crafts. Who doesn't want to spend hour after hour cutting and pasting?

2. The singing candy-gram
Who doesn't want to wake up in the middle of the night just to find a sad clown candy-gram on their front porch? The singing clown is guaranteed to sing the entire "Twelve Days of Christmas" while interpretive dancing and giving out chocolate-covered fruitcake bites. Your family will NEVER forget this holiday!

3. The Emotional Micro-call
Don't know just how to say what's on your mind? No problem! Just dial your loved one's phone, wait for them to answer, and then just shout the first three words that come in your head! Afterward, just hang up. No matter what the words are, they will feel the sentiment behind each, heartfelt syllable. Who says things can't be fast AND good?

4. The Picture-ific Gift
Want to send them a message they can look at all year? Take a picture! But not just any picture, a picture of you wearing, playing, watching, or using whatever they wanted from you for Christmas. It saves on all those extra shipping costs to get their large purchases to their doors and you'll have something to show for it, too!


Jennifer Jackson

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