Between Holidays

Greetings all!

It is now somewhere between Christmas cookies and New Year parties and I am reporting from my mother's house. My Christmas, of course, was bliss in a bow-festooned box. I hope your days are going as well as mine.

My muse and creativity packed themselves in my duffel bag before we left home. I had no intention of writing on this trip, just relaxing and celebrating. It seems when I want ideas the most, they lie still until I'm doing something where I don't count on them, like reverse friends. No matter, I'll take it.
******** ************* **********

I have a couple of poems, stray lines, and an idea for a short fiction piece I am going to flesh out longhand. I wonder what I am going to end up with by journey's end and am enjoying the ride. Have you written anything this past week or so? Has it turned out as you expected?

***My normal blog will still resume on the 10th. I miss you all.

Writing and relaxing,

Jennifer Jackson

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