Religious Poetry

I have great respect for most religions, though I am not considered one specific thing. That being said, I composed a poem last night and it is very Christian in subject and tone. (I don't really know where it came from, but I just had to get it written.) A friend of mine suggested that I share so...


Untitled (so far)

Hammers smash a crown of thorns
Splintered wood
Beneath cupped hands
Torso sunk
A hollow bowl of love
Hate reigns and pushes
Dropping promises of crumbs
On fronds
Sallow skin sags
Swept like autumn leaves
Away from bone branches
He begs for mercy and
For the crowd by his feet
As his blood pools
Watering a dead tree cross
With pain and love


  1. So perfect. This is great. It is a Christian belief, but I think you tapped more into the feelings of that time. It is magnificent in its ability to show the pain and help us remember His suffering for us.
    You connected and received this poem. I stand in awe of it.

  2. Thank you. The first line came into my head, and I didn't know it was a religious poem until I let the next line come to me. It almost clicked like a puzzle and that doesn't happen often.