Magazine or E-zine?

Some writers are snobs. Legitimacy, they claim, can only be gotten from a publication you can hold in your hands. These writers snub the ever-growing world of electronic publishing. Are they right to do so? Aren't E-zine's different after all?

Not really.

First, we're not talking about a private blog for your thoughts where anything you want seen can and will be without an editor.* We're talking about the same machine as print journals when it comes to editorship, an audience, and even possible compensation. Writers have to go through the same process of submitting and waiting (except with easy and cost-effective E-mail). It isn't a "free admission" type of publishing.

Online publications can also provide your biography/resume with same type of credits/clips as print can. Clips are more impressive online or off when they have a large readership so that hasn't changed any.

But, as briefly mentioned, E-zines are easier in some ways. You don't have to print out pages to submit, run to get more stamps, wait an extra week for your mail to arrive when the verdict on your submission is already in, etc. Many E-zines have their whole issue free to read so you have great literature to read (and then hopefully support) without ordering a sample copy to learn what they accept. The time it saves can be used on writing more.
Questions or comments? Let me hear from you!



*Some blogs have great writing on them regardless of being a personal blog and some blogs are regarded AS E-zines in a sense as they seek out work from writers.


  1. Hi, Jennifer. Saw your link in the Writers Digest Community group Poets with Blogs, and I like what you're doing.

    I agree about e-zines. Creekwalker published 4 of my poems - - which was encouraging since it's a nicely done journal with well-written poetry, and also because Poets & Writers accepted the journal as another poetry credit for my online listing with them. This would be backwards, but seeing which e-zines P&W accepts might be a way to weed out ones not worth the bother!

    Blessings - Mary

  2. Greetings Mary,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and I'm glad you like it. I try to make it a place for inspiration, discussion, hope, and an occasional giggle or gripe even when there isn't another soul around.
    I enjoyed the poems you linked to and would say my favorite had to be "Pause in a Hard Week, Working".

    **I often ask my readers if they have any suggestions on my blog so, if you have some, feel free to comment!**

    You're welcome back anytime, the door is always open!