Holiday Time and the Muse

There's that darn muse again, sneaking up on me when I am most content in her silence. I never WANT her silent but, around the holidays, it is nice not to be scrambling for a piece of paper in the middle of Garfield's Thanksgiving special.

I always keep a pad of paper handy but it is going to be tricky around Christmas when I am traveling. How do you keep your muse happy around the holidays? Is it more active than normal or does it take a vacation like most of us need to?


  1. In gratitude to my muses, I carry paper everywhere. When the thoughts hit, I write. But I agree about the holidays. btw, my family is now used to me suddenly grabbing paper and scribbling furiously.

  2. I know what you mean about the paper. The sad part is many people don't understand the "obsession of the idea" as some say. I am not obsessed, I just don't want to lose my thoughts! lol