Witch Poem (Special Holiday Post!)

My favorite holiday is Halloween. I can't tell you why I prefer it over Christmas or Easter, I just do. It could be the awesome decorations, mountains of candy, or spooky shows. Maybe it has more to do with honoring our dead or how they may travel easier tonight. Whatever you look for in Halloween, have a safe one.

The poem below isn't scary.**

Scientific Witch

Sloshing mixture around a beaker
Outcome couldn’t really be bleaker

I added blue to greenish pink
Then almost spilled it down the sink

Turning up the burner flame
Broken thermometer
Myself to blame

Noxious fumes make me so dizzy
No time to stop, must keep busy

One dozen chemicals and compounds
Most people it simply confounds

Ground up herbs will make it stronger
And one goat heart
So it lasts longer

No Igor around in which to confide
I’m no Dr. Jekyll or even Mr. Hyde

I take a tiny flask of molten gold
And put in sulfur before it gets cold

Even with instructions, I don’t know what to do
I pine for my cauldron while I fail
At modern witch’s brew

Happy Halloween!

-Jennifer Jackson

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