Poetry Group Rules... Maybe

I am pondering putting together a poetry group. I honestly think this should be done in person instead of online due to my past experience but I am leery to do so. Today, then, is more about a list of rules and regulations—Please Abides if you will.

The reason I am posting these is to get feedback so, fire away.

1. Respect others
2. Constructive Criticism is paramount
3. Listen objectively to comments (about your work and others)
4. Everyone will be given time to read, comment, etc.
5. Erotic writing can be read and commented on privately but not in meetings.
(I have nothing against erotica but some will.)
6. If you disrupt or disrespect, you will be asked to leave group

OK, so it isn’t a very big list. Is there a gaping hole in something? Listening objectively and constructive criticism should be in with respecting people but they still need to be said. What do you think?

I have some news but it will wait until Wednesday.

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