Blood (Prompt)

There is a huge spot of blood in the room. Do you know how it got there? If not, does someone else? Does it make you particularly scared? Is the blood yours or does a body accompany it? What's going on? Tell me.

More Than Once

His fist made contact with her face
So sweet and trusting, tender too
She rose bewildered from the floor
Didn’t understand

His fist made contact with her back
One that once held her fast and strong
She rose tentatively from the floor
In agony

His fist made contact with her stomach
Carrying tiny life, a secret whisper
She rose in great pain and saw the floor
Covered in red

His fist made contact over and over
Not knowing what she did or didn’t do
She only rose again from the floor
When a body bag closed

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  1. That's something, Jennifer... The image that brings to mind is a powerful one.