I have always thought about publishing a chapbook or collection of my work. I tend to shy away after a few minutes of warm thoughts because I'm not ready. A chapbook would be nice but...

I'm not very good with themes. You ask me why; after all, you reason, there are simple themes: Love, war, depression, and so on. I
have written more than one poem relating to a subject but it never ties together right. There is no continuity, or hope, when I pick my poems out of a thematic line-up. And if I intentionally try penning things thematically, they fall apart.

I was thinking about taking a poetry challenge in November, many of you will know which. I don't think I can now or that I should. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Theme dreams,

Jennifer Jackson
Sorry for the atrocious sentences, I have a lot on my mind this time around!

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