Writing Space

Where do you write? I am not talking about where inspiration takes over and you need to pull into a parking lot just to write things down. Where do you go to pen your daily quota of words or pages?

I have always wanted an office. I don't write much, it may seem, but I do. I think a room filled with office supplies, files, a desk, and so on would be so... cool. Maybe what I am searching for is a home library-- the old ones with the stacks of books on dark shelves casting shadows by the fireplace-- to set up in.

Right now, I have a battered table (with nails poking up and duct tape holding it together with no shortage of prayer) and an old wooden chair. They make main workplace should I want to write out things by hand. Outside of that, there is a family computer I use to compose things like this blog. There is an end table that holds most of my mismatched office supplies.

But... it's home.

I know it has been asked of many writers but it is a good question. Where do you write?

-Jennifer Jackson


  1. The look of where you write shouldn't matter, as long as you keep at it and stay confident. Don't stop doing what you're passionate at! When it all finally pays off, all this time will feel worth it, won't it?

  2. I write anywhere, but for the most part, I like to be outside, when it is cloudy and about to rain. That brings some of the best ideas to me.