Random Prompts/Top Ten

Poets: Write a poem about an strange secret or hidden piece of information
Fiction Writers: Take a character that seems lifeless and give them no less than five bizarre ticks, obsessions, or grievances.
Nonfiction writers: Find an old subject that doesn't seem to be connected with the environment and find a way to spin it into a going green topic.
Essayists/memoir writers: Write about an unconventional first.

Now, other things:

Ten Poetry Do’s and Don’ts

1. Don’t use your rhyming dictionary like a crutch. Good poems don’t have to rhyme.
2. Do read poems from other periods of time and styles.
3. Do realize some clich├ęs have lived long enough to die and leave them dead.
4. Don’t use big words just to sound smarter.
5. Don’t be a “closet poet.” It doesn’t have to be a fiction novel to be fulfilling.
6. Do share your work often and learn from what others say.
7. Don’t compare a frog to fiberglass unless you can tie it together well.
8. Do experiment with different elements. There are forms out there waiting to be discovered or revived
9. Do understand there is generally a theme to poems. You often discover it after a poem is complete.
10. Do revise your work until it is as good it can get.

I am going to be gone from my blog for a week. I will be returning on August 9th. Have a good week!

Write on, Dudes!


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