No Revision With Recent Posts

Good evening to you out there!

I thought I would take a minute out to explain why I have posted a couple of poems this past week without revisions. (At least, no revisions at first.) It is simple: I want everyone to have access to the raw materials before the finished product. It is like when someone tells you what they put in the lovely dinner they made for their guests at the party. Well, that is part of it.

I have been pondering the creative process a lot lately. Many writers I know get asked where their best ideas came from- something I have been wanting to ask on this blog for awhile now- and that's where I came up with the before and after product. I should probably have showed it as I changed each individual line as to give it a more in-depth chance but I haven't ever let my poems out of the gate without polishing before now. I was hoping it would give others an idea of what I do and, if they could see it, why I changed what I did. I never know if I make sense or not but there it is!

Of course, many writers who join critique groups often show their work while it is still rough so I suppose I was asking some of you to be my temporary group. Thank you for those who gave your feedback.

Is there anything you like or don't like about my blog? Suggestions are fine. :)

So now you know,


**P.S. I know I am supposed to say his/her instead of "they" when using the party analogy but it just seems weird, whether it is correct or not.

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