Determined to Win (Book Review)

Summary: Jean Driscoll was born with Spina Bifida in 1966 to a family that was far from well-off. Her early years were filled with difficulties most people don't want to imagine. She always had an interest in athletics and, in high school, was given the chance by an acquaintance to try adapted sports. And though her life wasn't filled with sunshine forever after that, it was one of the more defining moments she experienced. Jean went from playing on local teams to going on to win the Boston Marathon eight times (the only person to ever do so) and winning medals at the Olympics. She was voted 25th in the top 100 women athletes of the 20th century by Sports Illustrated for Women. She did all of this from her wheelchair.

What I did like: This is a true story (memoir) of a disabled athlete many know and it does wonders in its honesty. It takes you through some of her most heart-wrenching setbacks and into her greatest triumphs without any gaps or quick shifts in perspective. It is a wonderful read for anyone who loves books about the power of the human spirit.

What I didn't like: I'm not a fan of sports but I guess I can't label that as a negative so there are really no glaring flaws as far as I can see. It does touch on the religious more than once so if you're against that kind of thing, you may have to skim a bit.

Would I recommend: Definitely. It is a fast read and lets you see the world of disability in a way most people never experience it. This book may just leave you filled with hope.

**Written by Jean Driscoll with Janet and Geoff Benge. You can find more about Jean on the web.**

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