Procrastination Nation

Why do I procrastinate
And leave my projects
Up to fate
As if they will fix
Alter, review or
Even mix
Without my skills of
Observation and self-debate
Deadlines roll by and I'm
Again, too late
With only myself to blame
Yesterday's blog was about revision. And today is about the lack thereof. I have been meaning to revise a couple of my poems and a short story but haven't found the time to do so yet. OK, that's a lie, a huge one. I have the time to do a lot around here, I just do anything else so I don't have to make revisions.

I honestly don't trust myself to review my own work. I know, it sounds like a bunch of horse manure but it is true. You are often able to spot mistakes in others' work but, when it comes to your own, you don't see as much. Even putting a work on the back burner only helps me so much. And these Works in Progress have been on the back burner so long they're practically dust.

So, when will I get around to it? I don't know. It could be after I finish this blog, or tomorrow, or the end of this week. I normally give myself specific guidelines with each project but have so many these days that even organizing them doesn't leave me time for it all. I should revise the story, at the very least but I'm afraid I won't be able to save it. Maybe that's why I am shying away from making changes. I thought it was a good story but now I'm not so sure. (The poems are just a couple of many in my "in-progress folder" so they're not as pressing as the story.)

Uh, I'll keep you posted.

Your indecision-revision girl,


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