Older Works

None of these are titled and they're never going to be. I am not saying they are error-free, either. I'm not infallible. The oldest of these is approximately three years old.
The man stared back at me with intelligent, questioning eyes
A hint of a smile played on his lips, a withheld secret
just waiting to bloom

I peered back at him, a statue in my appearance
Every individual detail apparent to my gaze
that drank him in

The longing for him grasped my very being
I started to shake but willed myself to stand…
ice through my veins

Stretching out a tentative finger I touched his face
Paint that made his features smudged on my hand,
my pain frozen

I laid down my brush as a tear ran down my cheek
Memories sprang forth brought him back to me
on the canvas

Where I grazed his features, the paint had smeared
A small, wet trail traced a line down his face…
like he was crying too
I breathe life into you
Change you with corruption
Take your hand and guide you
Along the path of your destruction

I lead you down concrete stairs
Passed everything obscure
All that you ever wanted…
Its existence is no more

I give you blackened roses
Shower from gray skies
You came to me willingly
And yet you feign surprise

We hear the children laughing
Slowly turning into screams
You swear that you know me,
Said I came to you in dreams

You smell the charred Earth
That bears all your weight
You just gape in silent fear
And realize too late

You once called to me in dreams
And changed me with corruption
Now I am a nightmare born
To deliver your destruction
The Crafters of Dreams tread on the path
of sparkling stars that make the stairs
to the heavens made of mist and velvet night
Stars inspire the wishes of a thousand voices
echoing throughout in a hopeful chorus
that changes in lyrics... not melody
Carried along by the passing wind
Wind makes the trees bend and sway
Their shadows dance upon the ground
They are created by the round, vibrant moon
Round, vibrant moon grants light
to the little ones that whisper prayers
and wish on stars that make the stairs
to the heavens made of mist and velvet night
He is her rose eternal
Beyond her window pane
Her fingers slide down the glass
In anticipation to reach him

His roots keep him tethered
Among the other roses fair
But he feels her graceful presence
Knowing she is there

The window will not open
The front door remains locked
She gazes out onto the garden
Wishing for a way

He grows towards her
Forsaking the warming sun
His petals never large enough
But he knows she is the one

Both wanting and waiting
Against their prison of fate
Pleading for a single moment
That is only a dream
A sliver of silver moonlight bathed her
Drenching her in its radiance…
As she danced along the countryside
To find her way to him

The wind played amongst the trees
Making their branches bend slowly…
Bowing as she passed
To find her way to him

The surface of the river sparkled
Reflecting her shadowed form…
Standing by a cliff on the water’s edge
To find her way to him

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes
Taking a step off the ledge...
Giving all the time she had left on Earth
To find her way to him
Breath rising slow
Inside her lover's chest
Wafting through blissful colored dreams

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